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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Episode III: Kevin & Kell Part 2


Here is the character I wrote up for the Kevin & Kell RPG:

Bob Sakamori

Species: Fox
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 pounds
Fur: Red with white stripes, black hands and feet
Occupation: Entrpreneur
Attributes: STR 4 REF 5 HLT 3 INT 3 WIL 4 PRE 5
Derived Attributes: DEF 15 INI 4 DAM 4 MOV 6
Traits & Defects:
-Divine Relationship (Bob constantly tithes his money)
-Food Chain Leveling +4 (Small Game Predator)
-Global Contacts
-Natural Weapons (Claws and Bite)
-Wealthy Lvl 4
-Famous, International (His books have sold everywhere)
-Recurring Nightmare ("If I'm not up to my eyes in debt, I can't sleep at night" - only when his assets have

been lost)
-Significant Other (His wife Mika, a toy poodle and a real doll)
-Business +5
-Economics +3
-Trading +3
-Professional (Entrepreneur) +3
-Hunting +2
-Throwing +2
-Area Knowledge (Hawaii) +2
-Awareness +2 (Business Opportunities +4)
-Language (Native) +2
-Mace/Club +2
-Society (Corporate) +2
-Sport (Surfing) +3
-Sailing +3
-Philosophy +2
-Intuition +1

Bob Sakamori has only recently settled in Domain. Although he likes his childhood home of Hawaii, he feels a special something for Domain, and knows he can continue with his businesses here. He had too fathers, his real father, who was poor, and his rich father, who was the father of his best friend. He leanred a lot from both dads, but decided to follow the path of the rich one.

He took those lessons to heart, and eventually was able to start his own businesses. Originally, he thought about starting a velcro and nylon business, but something about pay-as-you-go legal business caught his attention. It was an affiliate program, and he dove head first into it. He was a tremendous success at it, and eventually got into real estate and the stock market.

Currently, he resides in Domain and writes his books, like the best-selling "Rich Father, Poor Father" and markets his best-selling game "Moneyflow." He and his wife Mika have made many friends and are loving their life together.


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