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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Come learn about the GM behind the Screen (and the Mic)

Later this evening, my official introduction podcast will be available. In it I answer question such as:

* How much role-playing experience I have
* What games I have played
* How often (approximately)I play
* How much I spend on my gaming habit
(It's like smoking, you just can't quit! Besides, gaming is healthier for you!)
* What types of setting I prefer to play in
* What my favorite settings are
* The type of plotting I prefer to play under
* My preferred campaign type
* How much combat I like in a game
* The type of game mechanics I prefer to play under
* The type of character creation I prefer
* Character races and choices
* What my favorite game system is
* And more, including a tip to try at your next game!

So check back in tonight for the official 0.5 podcast of RPG Showcase!


At 11:31 PM, Blogger Polaris said...

Very nice! :) I like the energy you bring to the podcast, and the obvious enthusiasm you have for the topic--it makes me look forward to the next episode.

--William Andersen
Salem, Oregon


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