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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bargain Bin Part I


Howdy, all,

Today's show has a lot of happenings. I'm amazed I was able to put so much into one half hour. Dueto current events, the news dominates a lot of the podcast, but make no mistake, we have your RPG content. In fact, we have not one but two games up for review. This episode features:
  • State of the gaming industry, featuring commentary by Dave Arneson
  • News on charity works by many game companies - Hurricane Katrina has brought out the best in our publishers
  • Two games from the past - one fantasy and one superhero - that still have the magic to enhance your gaming sessions
  • Tips on utilizing these games at your gaming table
  • Mike get opinionated
Fire up your MP3 players and feed catchers. Remember, I welcome questions, comments and suggestions, left either here or at Mike@RPGShowcase.com. Also, if you want to be notified on when this page updated, just fill out the subscription box on the right.


Here are the links from this episodes news segment:
Other notable mention:
That's it for episode two. Join us in two weeks for Kevin and Kell, and more from the inside of the games industry. Remember to give generously to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Your gift will reward you in more ways than you know. Take care.


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