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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Show Postponed Until Tomorrow!

Hello and welcome to all my many listeners!

I apologize, but I have just finished two interviews with Bill Holbrook (creator of the Kevin & Kell webcomic series) and Michael Hopcroft (creator of the Kevin and Kell RPG and HeartQuest).

There is quite a lot of information awaiting all of my listeners, but I unfortunately do not have enough time to record the rest of this podcast nor do I have enough time to edit it.

However ...

I promise you all that I will have the podcast up tomorrow by 8:30 pm. Please check back tomorrow, and have a great evening!


UPDATE: I apologize again - I decided to try something for the first time in doing this episode, and it really bombed on me. I've never really done a show fully unscripted, and I gave it a shot.

It's not happening.

Frankly, the quality was way below what I strive for in my podcast. I do have a script, and I do ad lib while I'm reading from it, so you're getting the best of me when I'm reading it. This time, though... no, not happening. I'll be really honest with you all: Tourette's Syndrome is a real bear when you're going live, espeically with the stuttering problem it gives me.

You all deserve the best, so you're getting my best, and nothing less. I am re-recording everything, and I will have it up Thursday night. I thank you all tremendously for your patience, and please keep checking back.



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